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Something strange is-a-comin'

31 August


I like to think that what I do resembles something approaching 'real writing' but that's up to you, of course.

There's not really much to say about myself.....but I guess if everyone were more like me, the world would be pretty darn cool. =]

If everyone were like me then the world would run out of raw materials within a fortnight. People would reject any form of manual labour, preferring to sit in small, square rooms and work alone.

If everyone were like me then bankrupcy would plague every company and business in the world. Nobody would ever buy anything, always holding out for a sale or a cheaper product at the next store they visit. The lack of public spending would trigger a sharp increase in prices and then nobody would be able to afford anything and have to resort to theft.

If everyone were like me then people would work really hard for a week or so and then realise that they can get by just as well by doing as little as they possibly can. Everyone would give in to laziness and nobody would give a shit about the environment. They'd leave their computers on standby and forget to turn off their lights when they left the room. They'd drive absolutely everywhere and tear larger holes in the ozone layer.

If everyone were like me then nobody would be able to socialise with anyone as all conversations would consist only of small-talk. Sometimes someone might pour their soul out to an unsuspecting passer-by but most of the time, people would keep themselves to themselves, not daring to tell anyone what they're really feeling.

If everyone were like me the human race would grind to a sudden halt as people would be too awkward and self-conscious to mate and procreate. Instead of forming meaningful, committed relationships with one another they'd fool around aimlessly and back away whenever things started to get serious.

If everyone were like me people would put a great deal of hard work into completing unrealistic projects and reaching impossible personal goals. They'd be so consumed by the great things they were trying to do that they wouldn't even be able to see that they'd abandoned everything else in their lives.

Hmmm perhaps the world wouldn't be so cool if everyone were like me. But don't worry, I'm not that bad really...

Be my friend? =]

Peace out xx